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Are you a super hero in need of ignition? Are you a burned out leader? Are you searching for a key? Are you facing a challenge? I like connecting people and places that I feel passionate about in service of the greater good.  I have a vision of a universe where all beings are at their fullest state of aliveness, connected and united by the bonds of love and mutual support. 

Leadership coaching What is your biggest challenge right now? Where would you like to get movement?  Show me the obstacle that needs to be removed.  Let's find a strategy that will get you in alignment with your values and put those obstacles and challenges in the rearview mirror. Are you ready to take it to the next level with a coach that will call you on your bullshit and hold you accountable?

Career coaching  Are you stuck in a job that isn't your passion? Do you feel undervalued by your employer? Are you searching for a mentor? Are you ready to advance, and need a push? Are you longing to do something else with your life, and you're not sure where to start? Are you ready to shift? Are you ready to transform? Are you ready to get paid for a job that you love? Do you need a sounding board? Let's talk.

Life Coaching Feeling overwhelmed by it all? Not sure how to get your life on track? You have a feeling something needs to shift, but can't pinpoint what it is? You can pinpoint what needs to shift, but you're terrified to really do it? You know what your deepest calling is, but you have too many other voices pulling you in other directions? Wanting accountability and a cheerleader for your one wild and precious life?

I am a trained CTI Co-Active coach, currently accepting new clients.

I'd love to connect. 

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