About Me

I like connecting people and places that I feel passionate about. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am drawn to transformational experiences like conscious dance, personal growth workshops, spiritual retreats, natural healing and all kinds of travel.  I bring 17 years of professional experience in the field of public health and human services management. I am fueled by a Bachelor's degree in Business from The George Washington University, and  a Master's degree in Social Welfare, Management and Planning from the University of California, Berkeley. When I realized I was becoming numb to the suffering of those around me so that I could go to work every day, I stepped out of my career and gave myself permission to heal and breathe.  I sat on beaches for a while. I sat with bee hives. I sat with nuns. I explored distant lands, danced, meditated, spent time healing in spiritual centers, wrote a blog, and generally detoxed from a well-meaning frenetic atmosphere of workaholism. I said yes to every self-loving and nourishing desire. I now combine my professional and personal experiences to offer my deep listening, intuition, love and support as a wake up call. You might say, I'm a strong cup of coffee, jolting you awake to your life.